Arijit Basu

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I suppose I am me, like you are you, unique mixtures of everything that matter to the universe and beyond.


Arijit Basu

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xplr - A hackable, minimal, fast TUI file explorer

xplr is a hobby opensource tool that I created, and maintain. It helps terminal users get productive by letting them explore and manage files interactively in the terminal.

A website I created as a hobby opensource project that helps command-line users to quickly generate QR codes directly from the terminal, without installing any software, or opening the web browser.

My personal website. I use it to introduce myself to the digital world, and share notes, which I take mostly for myself, but could be useful to some strangers in the digital world.

Current Obsessions

  • Programming

  • Opensource

  • Rust

  • Elm

  • Python

In search of

  • Knowledge

  • Identity

  • Purpose